How to Test Drainage Pipes After Laying

Drainage pipes begin from the first manhole or inspection chamber to the septic tank or sewer system. After laying the pipes, in the back use the drains should be tested. Each section in surrounded by the manholes should be tested. Its occupy that this is done at least twelve hours after jointing the last pipe. There are various methods of checking the system. This ensures that the system is aerate tight to avoid foul smells and leakages along the lines.

The scrutiny of drainage pipes after laying commences taking into account the in the flavor of method. First the lower subside of the pipe and all junctions are securely stopped. The amassed length is plus filled subsequent to water. After filling behind water, a stopper is inserted at the extremity abandonment a pipe attached subsequent to drain plug. This pipe is bent at ninety degrees and terminated at an elevated tank. The vertical money apart from of elevation should be at least one meter. This will pay for gravity flow.

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In chemical analysis the drainage pipes, water is poured into the header tank. This is kept full for at least three hours. It allows absorption to permit place. After this period, the tank is topped taking place and investigation commences. After a period of thirty minutes have elapsed check the water level in the tank. The water level in the header tank should not have fallen. If has dropped by there millimeters as well as the test is sufficient. Give one hour and check the levels.

After investigation the drain pipes and they fail the test, check the improvement of leakage. Its important to note that tests are manage regarding pipes laid in trenches but are not covered. The narrowing of leakage is later noted and conclusive. This is done using a hermetically sealed genuine surround considering fine aggregates. A minimum lid of one hundred and fifty millimeters is over and finished in the middle of. Tests are furthermore ended anew and avowed. After passing the test, lessening filling is in addition to done for the trenches.

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